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Directory of breathing & yoga coaches

The coaches listed below are all certified breathing or/and yoga coaches. 

This is only a directory we do not  have any affiliation with their businesses and take no responsibility over their practises. 

Breathing Certified Coaches

These coaches have all been certified and passed with the highest training and results from Yoga Body training Lucas Lockwood

Gaynor Morgan

Gaynor is a certified breathing coach as well as an advanced Pfilates instructor. She specialises in women's health, anxiety due to pelvic floor problems She is the founder of this website. She also is a pessary expert and trains medical professionals in this area.

She is based in Belgium, speaks English (mother tongue) French and Dutch. Teaches online

Read her biolink

Giovana Bervian 

Giovana created Respirart, in 2019. She is a singer, film producer, and biologist, and has combined her passion for the arts, nature and spirituality, yoga. Respirart in the sense of “Breathe with Art”. She teaches in English and Portuguese

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Welcome instructors to add your listing

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