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This area is exclusive for those BICAP members who have completed the Pelvic Angel training courses. 

The members of Bicap are physiotherapists who specialize in guiding pregnant women and persons - both men, women and children - with pelvic floor problems.

SI Joint & Rectocele

This recording shows the best exercises for those with SI Joint issues, also covering very effective exercises to reduce rectocele.

Life long access to this recording is 49 euro

Cube & Tandem

Access to this recording gives you everything you need to know about the cube and tandem pessaries. 

Life long access 49 euro contact us if you wish to have access.

10 moves and mods of Pfilates

Coming soon the live 10 moves with  modifications Pfilates exercises for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Vaginal sponges

This 2 hour recording covers sponges for prolapse and incontinence and also covers Toxic Shock Syndrome around tampons.

Life long access to this recording is 49 euro

Good bye Incontinence

Coming soon, how to stop urinary stress incontinence through simple and effective moves you can do throughout the day.


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