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Be the bees knees with this knee strengthening program.
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The knee, as the most complex joint in the human body, is susceptible to wear and tear over time, potentially diminishing one's quality of life.

This 9-week program is designed to progressively help you achieve hypertrophy, re-build cartilage collagen, and enable you to walk, bend, and sit without pain.

Why this program was created

Gaynor Morgan, a certified fitness instructor, developed this course drawing from her personal struggle with a debilitating knee condition that hindered her ability to perform basic daily functions.

The MRI showed a fissure in the cartilage and degeneration of the meniscus. Her consultant concluded that surgery was the 'only option', and to take pain killers in the meantime! 

Deciding that a more holistic approach could be a solution, Gaynor together with her sports physiotherapist (who also treats the Belgian football team) worked on a specific program to regain knee mobility and strength. To date she has not taken any pain medication and has avoided surgery.


Part of her physiotherapy treatment included dry needling which helps relax the muscles and nociceptors. Nociceptors, commonly known as "pain receptors," are sensory neurons found throughout the body, such as in the skin, muscles, joints, bones, and internal organs. These specialized nerve endings are responsible for our perception and response to pain. (you will learn more about this in the program)

Combining his recommended and tested exercises with Gaynor's thorough research on knee rehabilitation, she has created this course to assist individuals with knee issues in becoming more mobile and pain-free.

The Program

You will learn about the anatomy of the knee and legs, as well as the necessary exercises to maintain knee health.

The program is divided into three phases, with each phase necessitating dedication before moving on to the next. While there are designated rest days between sessions, the exercises can be performed daily as they are safe. However, it is advisable to take two days of rest per week.


  • Lifetime access to the portal

  • Access to the breathwork portal.

  • Clinical evidence papers supporting the information given within the program.

  • An easy go to PDF handout containing links to the exercises upon completion of the program. 

  • Access to the private Facebook group where you will find more bonuses and hop on classes after the program ends.

This course is not a replacement for any medical advice and it is always recommended you see a specialist before joining this course.

If you have had knee surgery, please speak to your specialist first as they may have a different rehabilitation program for you.

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