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What we offer

We have a number of services which can benefit individual needs. Contact us today for a 15 min free consultation. 

We do not diagnose but can put you on the right path be it holistic or point you in the direction of a medical area for your needs

  • 12 week body movement-pattern-strength program
    197 euros
  • Reduce bloating and rectocele without medication or surgery
    Started Mar 6
    69 euros

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  • Live with Q&A 31st August
    49 euros
  • Advice on pessaries and which one is best for your condition
    1 hr
    75 euros
  • 1:1 breathing sessions 4 weeks
    45 min
    149 euros
  • Pessary training for medical professionals
    299 euros
  • 6 week course of 10 Pfilates moves plus more for your pelvic floor
    Starts Jan 4, 2024
    150 euros

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