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Gaynor Morgan

I'm an advocate for physiotherapy and conservative management in pelvic floor dysfunction and aim to help as many women as possible.

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How I got to where I am today.

Hi, my name is Gaynor Morgan. I'm originally from Wales in the UK and have been lucky enough to have lived in Holland, Germany, London, Bahrain and currently reside and work in Belgium and this is my story.

I guess my love of wanting to help people started when I worked part time as a carer in an old people's home, from there I went on to do general nursing in Llanelli Hospital, and 2 years later had the opportunity to work in London's Charring Cross hospital on the geriatric psychiatric unit. 

Life took another turn of fortuity when offered a job as an air hostess, so off I went, packed my bags and headed off to the sand pit (Bahrain) I flew for Gulf Air and finished my 12 year career there as the airline safety and survival examining instructor. 

How I got  into incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction was seeing my own mother suffer the consequences of failed surgery and doctors just offering pills for her depression and telling her just do some kegels (but never being shown how to do them) and basically there was nothing else for her.  Not even referral to a physiotherapist was offered!!

We know that there has been many women who have been successfully treated for pelvic floor dysfunction with physiotherapy treatment. Why wasn't this offered to my own mother will always play on my mind. 

So that was it? The very organisation (NHS) my mother had so loyally served  for over 20 years as a nurse was now turning it's back on her and telling her she was basically on the garbage heap. 

At the the age of 47 my mother Carole hit rock bottom. She tried to take her own life because the incontinence had literally stopped her life. Anti depressants just masking the issue and not treating the root cause. 

No daughter should ever have to carry the worry of this on their shoulders) 

One evening chatting about the situation we had that 'ahha moment'

What if there was a way to support the urethra upon intraabdominal pressure to prevent the involuntary loss of urine? And so IncoStress was born!

We made a mock up model from air drying clay as the mold, half a candle, McDonalds straw and a key chain ring! That was our shape for things to come! 

Once the mold had set, we pumped silicone into the mold and let it set. (don't try this at home kids) 

Mum put a condom on the set product for hygiene reasons and inserted as a tampon. UREKA! It worked! NO MORE LEAKING URINE!! 

It was so good to see my mother laugh again (literally without wetting herself) 

I wrote the patent for this device which was granted, and so the journey began. 

It is with great thanks to all the support and help of the silicone medical device company Clinipol Polymer Technologies  in the UK that prototypes and the final pessary IncoStress was produced.


IncoStress went through clinical studies at Singleton hospital in Swansea, which saw 87% success rate and 30% of women come off the surgical waiting list during the trial.


Sadly my mother, best friend and life line passed away just before the clinical trials were published. I was devastated! What was I going to do without her. I hit rock bottom and when you are on the bottom there is only one way to go and that's up. So with a fighting spirit I was determined not to see any other woman suffer the way her mother did and in 2006 C&G Medicare Ltd was opened in memory of her mother. (C from Carole and G from Gaynor) 

Within a few years it became Europe’s largest pessary distributor along with one of the UK's few pessary manufacturers.


In 2008  I won The Welsh woman of the year in science & technology. A gold medallist at the international invention show Geneva, for the innovation product IncoStress a medical device to control urinary stress incontinence. The awards didn't stop there. I've listed them below. This isn't to show off but to demonstrate how needed devices are to help women with pelvic floor dysfunction. 


With the international growing success of IncoStress, and listening to clients feedback, I went on to develop and produce IncoLITE for prolapse as well as a menstrual cup for women with prolapses, and was advising major international pessary manufacturers on design and information. 

The in-depth knowledge I was gaining about how so many women were suffering in silence with pelvic organ prolapse (WHO states that it is estimated that around 50% of women will have some kind of pelvic organ prolapse during their lifetime and that it is an epidemic. The aetiology is not really known which is shocking considering half the female population has it. 

The amount of women who are being offered a hysterectomy for a uterine prolapse before any kind of conservative management is disturbing, especially as many of these women end up re-prolapsing with a vaginal vault prolapse, and so many have not be shown how to use vaginal dilators post op or even how to do core strength training pre or post op is quite worrying. All of which could be a preventative for prolapse.

I would like to see all women have pelvic floor rehabilitation with a women's health physiotherapist. Our women's health service worldwide is very poor in communication and education and it needs to change. 

2009 I qualified as a Pfilates Instructor (Pelvic Floor Pilates) founded by board certified lead urogynaecologist  Dr Bruce Crawford.  I did this training because this course along with physiotherapy treatment helped my own struggle with rectocele issues. I went from a grade 2 rectocele to a zero and thanks to this program have maintained an excellent core strategy and no longer have a prolapse. This is why I then become an instructor. If I was living proof of this program then others could be also. 


Brussels 2020 through sheer determination to educate as many as possible I founded Pelvic Angel educational training, focusing on medical professionals in pessary education and patient pelvic floor education awareness programs.

To date I have trained and advised over 3000 doctors and physiotherapists worldwide in pessary training.

Understanding how the pelvic floor works is key to understanding how it doesn't work. 

2021 I qualified as a certified breathing trainer with YogaBody and continued studying the Buteyko method as well as Aria Breath method.

The diaphragm has a direct correlation with the pelvic floor and if we don't have the fundamentals of our breathing patterns sorted, then our pelvic floor will certainly rebel. 

I've incorporated breathwork training into the pessary training for professionals to teach patients how to use breath to prepare for surgery and how to deal with and reduce pain post op. Breathing techniques are also used in patients with PTSD (not just the spoils of war but women who have gone through traumatic childbirth suffer PTSD also) with teaching clients how to control the autonomic nervous system and how to down regulate to the parasympathetic nervous system when needed. 


March 2022 I qualified as a science of stretching instructor. Why? mainly because a lot of women with a hypertonic pelvic floor (high toned) end up with prolapse and are of the mindset or are told to 'do kegels' which is the worst thing for these clients. Down training the pelvic floor through breathwork and deep stretching can make a world of difference, which later allows room to then work on core strategies through up regulating with movement exercises. 

This led me to my next training qualification. I had practised RYC for a good 3 years before deciding to become one of their international instructors in 2023.

My journey is an ever evolving educational path. We must educate the next generation so they don't have to suffer conditions such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. 

Awards won


2019 Double platinum awarded winner for the work carried out helping women with pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence issues. at the Global Women's Inventors & Innovators Network


2015 BIS (British Invention Show)  Gold medal for best consumer healthcare product


2015 Double gold British Inventor of the Year award for Bellecup a menstrual cup for women with pelvic organ prolapse - British Invention Show


2014 Gold Medal best consumer medical device world invention show (Geneva)


2014 GWIIN International Invention Show - Overall winner for Best training and capacity building award


2014 BIS - Gold award for best medical device at International Inventors Show


2014 GWIIN - Special recognition award for determination and tenacity


2011 Business Award – Best business ethics


2008 Welsh Woman of the Year – Science and Technology 

 2008 Welsh business woman of the year – Swansea Bay technology


2008 BFIIN- British Female Innovator of the year


2008 BFIIN- Best Design of the year


2008 BFIIN- Special Achievement Award for British Female Innovator


I'm always looking to help and educate. Let's connect

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