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Supporting employers to become menopause savvy and training menopause champions & menopause coaches to help people to successfully navigate menopause

The Become a Menopause Coach diploma is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to effectively support your clients or colleagues to successfully navigate menopause.


You will start with an introduction to menopause, key hormones and symptoms and the importance of being menopause savvy.


As part of the programme, you will also learn how to deliver a practical, six week coaching programme, The Menopause Plan, with empathy and compassion, covering the roles of mindset, hydration, nutrition, physical activity, daily routines and relaxation techniques.


This programme is essential for anyone who works with people or organisations who are affected by menopause, and will give you the confidence to offer a holistic approach to support.

The workplace can be a challenging environment for those going through menopause. That's why Menopause Champions are vital, to be someone who listens to others and helps signpost them towards effective help and support.


As an ally, or an ambassador, you will also be working to raise the profile of menopause in the workplace. By becoming a Menopause Champion, you can make a real difference to those around you and ensure that they are supported through this difficult time.

30 mins, over 3 days to learn about

  • The real facts, ages, stages and definitions on menopause

  • How to successfully navigate menopause

  • Managing menopause and work

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