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Pfilates for functional movement

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Access to the member areas are available when you join the Pfilates classes.

Posture and breathing assessment, weekly playback videos, weekly advice with extra personal classes if needed and access to any current video playback talks, access to the Exclusive Pfilates community on Facebook where there are more functional video's and live talks.

You can book via this site or site

WOMEN ONLY CLASSES - Pfilates is proven to help within 28 days just 15 mins per day

Is your pelvic floor letting you down?   These all female classes run by Pfilates certified professionals. 

If you suffer with :

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Bowel dysfunction
Over Active Bladder
Painful Intercourse

6 Week January Pfilates core &more

Signed up already ? Click here to access your private members area. 

What is it? Over the course of 6 weeks you will learn the 10 Pfilates movements along with how to get flexibility through the Science of Stretch. 

What if I can't do a movement? Your personal trainer will guide you all the way and where necessary give you modifications to suit your body type for your pelvic floor, core and back.

Why Pfilates and not Pilates? Pfilates exercises are clinically proven to reduce incontinence episodes and pelvic organ prolapses symptoms.

Are the classes live? Yes via zoom. They are also recorded (instructor view only) so you can watch the recordings at an time. How long are the recordings available? Recordings are yours for life.

What else will I get from this course? Personal 1:1 monitoring and advice. A welcome pack includes: The booklet of the Pfilates movements Accountability sheet Bladder and prolapse diary, Science of Stretching sequence, balance and strength worksheet. Bonus videos.

Can I contact my trainer outside of the class?  Absolutely you can! It's important to us that you are comfortable and are sure how to do the exercises properly. Your instructor will respond to you within 24 hours and then if need be will arrange with you an extra class if it's necessary. From time to time your trainer will do lives in your private Facebook group, these are extra bonus movements you can do at your leisure.  Don't forget to join the Exclusive Pfilates group. 

Are the classes large classes? No! The classes are run with a maximum of 6 for the trainer to offer you the best personal training and will be able to monitor you on the screen. 

Are men allowed into the class? No! These classes are strictly women only.

What's the difference between this course and the Bronze, Silver, Gold level Pfilates? This course is 6 weeks and the other course are 4 weeks. The 4 week courses are basic breathing with Pfilates. 
In this 6 week course you will be trained in various different breathing techniques to adapt to difference situations. You will learn how to stretch under passive tension which not only gives you greater flexibility but also teaches you how to relax the pelvic floor. There are exercises to increase back and hip strength as well as all the Pfilates movements. 

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