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Heal your prolapse & incontinence

Use this link to register which will take you directly to BLACK FRIDAY Restore Your Core $30 off anything

until 26th November 2023

Leave your symptoms behind - Trust your body again


Kegels have a place for the pelvic floor but it's not kegels which reduce prolapses. 

We need to consider body patterns and those patterns we get stuck in need changing to help improve our whole body from head to toe. 

Has your symptoms prevented you from 

  • Lifting your children/grandchildren

  • Going shopping and pushing your trolly or lifting your shopping

  • Prevented you from doing any kind of fitness which includes going for nice walks

  • Interfered and impacted both physically and mentally on your sex life

  • Made you conscious about enjoying life in general

  • Counting where the nearest toilets are before agreeing to go anywhere

  • Not stayed over at friends or family for fear they will find out

If you have answered yes to 2  or more of these points then the Restore Your Core 12 week program is a must. 

Self paced recorded videos taught by Lauren O'hayon founder of Restore Your Core, yoga instructor and women's health educator explains week on week the progressive step by step program which will enable you to become not just aware of your own body and patterns but also give you gentle flexibility and endurance training. 

This program trains your pelvic floor how to be responsive, for instance you go to pick up a bag of shopping, before you have even lifted the bag, the pelvic floor will have responded and reacted to not bear down but to contract and lift up.

This program also trains you how to release and relax the pelvic floor as it's not all about tension either. 



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