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Professional & Client Training Courses

Why train with us?

All our training is carried out by fully qualified professionals experts in their field of training. 

The professional training courses are CPD certified. We offer theoretical pessary and pelvic floor dysfunction theory training. This is evidence based and follows the POGP/NICE guidelines.

Our practical pessary training during the pandemic will only be carried out in Belgium. 

  • We are NHS approved. 

  • We have been training professionals since 2008

  • We have received training from the top pessary manufactures to ensure our facts are correct.

  • We only partner with well established reputable trainers who have the qualifications to carry out their training. 

  • Our reputation goes before us and we work hard in maintaining extremely high standards. 

  • Our training courses vary from professional training courses to patient workshops. 

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Advanced Pessary & Pelvic Organ Prolapse 

10hr CPD

Next course 8-15-22 March 2023


Email for more information

This course is for medical professionals only. 

Please note that if the NHS trust is funding your training, you need to have the agreed purchase order in 3 weeks prior to the course begins. 

Course is split over 3 days (3 + hour  per week) live over zoom and access to recordings after the course ends

This course is in compliance with the NICE guidelines and the POGP guidelines

Clinically led based advanced theoretical pessary training covering prolapses and incontinences along with complications; learn about the dangers of certain lubricants. Full review of the POP Q and Baden Walker systems.

How to measure and fit a pessary

Dealing with patient infections post pessary fitting and getting to the root cause. 

Management of cleaning pessaries in clinic and how to advise patients how to clean pessaries at home.

Case studies included helping you have a better understanding of treating certain conditions and how you will make a decision which pessary should be used or if you should avoid a pessary and use other products instead.

This course is packed  information which can help you and your patients decide on the best pessary choice to improve their quality of life.

Materials supplied with the course.

Pessary manual, Workbook, Bladder and prolapse diaries, clinical papers cited in the course

Bonus videos. Cube pessaries - POP Q explained

Access to the members area. 

Runs twice a year or on demand with a minimum of 15 attendees for the theory

Introduction to pessaries

3hr CPD

This course is for medical professionals who wish to know about pessaries, the pro's cons', contraindications, covers all types on the market. How to care and how to teach your patients how to self manage. Also covering the lubricant side.

Runs 3 times a year. Email us for information

Beyond Pessaries recording of 20th December live

Contact us if you wish to access this recording for 69 euro

This is a patient orientated talk. Approx. 2 hours Live on zoom with access to the recording for 4 weeks after the talk.

 It will cover all the pessaries on the market, pessary indications', contraindications. How to care for your pessary, which types of lubricants are suitable.

Questions to ask your doctor. 

What to expect at your first pessary consultation.

What the numbers of the POP Q mean. 

How to take care of your pessary

Other products on the market, such as support garments, pelvic weights (how to use safely with prolapse) 

Products which address painful intercourse. 

Your exclusive members area with access to BONUSES

PDF Handouts

  • A tick box question sheet. (I've made it easy for you to ask the relevant questions to your doctor) 

  • Food and bowel diary

  • Food information sheet

  • 10 Pfilates exercises 

  • Kickstart your pelvic floor with 5 easy fool proof movements

  • Pessary brochure to discuss with your doctor. 


  • 2 hr talk on the use of sponges for prolapse - covering cleaning - Toxic Shock Syndrome

  • How to clean a pessary

Register for this talk. The link will take you to the website to register

Pfilates with science of stretching

This is a clinically proven program founded by lead urogynaecologist Dr Bruce Crawford. Gaynor Morgan is an advanced Pfilates instructor who was personally trained by Dr Crawford. 

These classes are specifically aimed at women with incontinence and or pelvic organ prolapse issues.

The classes are on zoom with a maximum of 8 per class. It is strictly women only classes. 

There are 3 levels which also incorporate correct breathing and pelvic floor relaxation stretching. Each level comprises of 10 basic moves and increases in intensity with each level. 

Click here for more information

Breathing techniques

Our instructors have been fully qualified to coach in yoga breathing and the Buteyko method. 

Classes are 1:1 and group classes depending on your needs. 

Find out more

Let's Work Together

We are at your service working with medical professionals to ensure we offer you the best information to help you help yourself.

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