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  • R&B 7 workshop

    Unlimited Access : Reduces rectocele & bloating symptoms
    • Clinical evidence papers
    • Nutritionist Judy Watson presenting how to help the bowels
    • Daily short videos of how your anatomy works
    • Daily videos of easy to follow effective exercises
    • Presentation video. Judy Watson award winning nutritionist.
    • Downloads of nutrition to help your bowels you can use daily
    • Downloads of exercise plans to suit your needs
    • Downloads of clinical evidence papers
    • Videos of how to massage the abdominals properly
    • Videos teaching you to breath more efficiently
    • Unlimited access to this workshop
    • 1 Hour per day for 7 days workshop
  • Sea Sponges video

    Sea sponges to treat POP and menstrual flow highlighting TSS
    • Life long access to this video
    • Length of video 1h25
  • SI Joint & Rectocele

    Replay of Reduce symptoms of rectocele and SI Joint issues.
    • Life long access to this video
    • Length of video 1h18
    • Exercises you can use at home to relieve symptoms
  • Pessary Training

    Recordings playback of live classes March 14-21-28 2024 Take your clinic to another level. Offer
    • Full portal access with recordings of lives
    • 6 months access
    • Clinical evidence papers
    • Full understanding of every pessary on the market
    • Bonus videos
    • Case studies discussions in breakout rooms
    • Complications of pessaries and troubleshooting
    • Pessaries and conditions such as elongated cervix, avulsions
    • Pessaries in pregnancy
    • Pessaries and dyspareunia
    • Training your patients in pessary use
    • Clinical and home pessary hygiene
    • Legal matters when your clinic supplies pessaries
  • Stronger Knees

    9 week progressive program backed by clinical evidence to help strengthen the knees
    • Live classes on zoom date 20th May - 19th July 2024
    • Classes Mon & Fri - 30 mins - 45mins per class
    • Each class is recorded which you keep for life
    • 9 week course split into progressive 3 phases
    • With each progression comes strengthening
    • Clinical evidence papers included
    • Bonus. Access to the breathwork portal
    • Bonus. Access to the members files section
  • Beyond Pessaries

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